Monday, July 23, 2007

My favourite anime series during my primary year

Finally found my favourite anime that i always wanted to have since i first watch when i was in my primary school n now i've found it n_n
My daddy bought the first 6 episodes for me but couldn't find the others...(so sad) but today while buying buying our fave waffle with my hubby dear...i spotted an anime (opposite the waffle shop is a DVD store) which looks familiar to me n to my surprise it was the anime that i was looking for during my primary school years n_n so happy~ my hubby bought it for me (extra happy) *Domo arigato hubby chan~

Kawaii~ n_n

If you are wonder what is that green cute animal that looks similar to a crocodille...well that's actually a green dino named as Muka Muka! The title of this anime is known as Muka Muka Paradise (24 episodes) n_n

The summary of the story

Shikatani, an animal shop owner bought a reptile egg for his daughter (Uiba Shikatani) who's heartbroken when she failed to hatch an egg. To cheer his daughter up, he attempts to hatch the egg which they totally have no idea what will be hatched out. Well, his dream of hatching the egg succeeded n unexpectedly a green baby dino pop out of the egg n taken Uiba as its mummy n_n Kawaii~

Well that is not the whole story because with the presents of the baby green dino, it brings joy n fun to the Shikatani family n along with their neighbours n friends

Comment of the anime

Though it is an old anime (1993) but generally the whole anime story is really funny from the beginning till the end. Besides that, i bought the cantonese version coz they don hav the Japanese version but ok to me coz i understand cantonese n_n

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