Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today I'm registered into my degree! Finally after my foundation (got a lil tired of being in my foundation coz nid to study some subjects that i don really like in order to proceed to my degree program)
The first step to degree

get into the registration queue sauna @_@lll

someone familiar in the queue

Wow...sweat...after my breakfast with my hubby dear in the school cafeteria coz some of those whom i know are already in the line queuing up to get numbers in order to register for their degree program n_nlll luckily my frens' fren help us out by taking our forms that we've filled in half way to get the numbers for registration (yea~ don nid to wait in such a long queue just for the number) everyone squeeze in to get to the front queue just to register as soon as possible so that they can get into the course groups that they want. Some unlucky ones may have their feet being step by others.

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