Thursday, July 26, 2007

My new cute figure

These are my new chibi Meer Chambell n Luna Maria figure ^o^ happy finally got my fave character in chibi form (Meer Chambell is my fave character in Seed Destiny but not Luna) I've been looking for trading figure n gashapon figure of Meer Chambell n_n but...normally i'll have to order the whole set : ( n they normally would include some characters that i don wan unless the dealer or the seller is willing to sell the only the ones that u like n besides it's oso costly to buy the whole set (including those that u don wan)

Well bought this at a deal from the dealer who offers to sell at the original price on the condition if i buy 3 of the figure from the whole set n_n (good enough) so accepted!! I bought 2 meer chambell n 1 luna maria (which is the cutest in the set with chibi mini aslan at her back) hahaha...

Hentai! (Aslan looking at Luna's ***)

Two Meer Chambell?!

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