Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Sick Kitty in The Open Lab

The first ever i brought my kitty to our school open lab n none of the security guard o the school staff notice her presents in school *_* hehehe...only my frens noe that i brought Momo-chan to school n to the open lab o_n

mmm...now currently sleepin like a baby ^o^ Kawaii~

Awaken for a while to look at people n.n~

My Momo-chan is sick since Sunday n got worst after yesterday coz me n my parents are out to school n for work n all is left is my grandma whose worried bout my kitty but don noe how to take care of it @_@lll So today, i brought her to school since my exam is over so rather free to take care of her (tough when i told my grandma dat i brought Momo-chan out, i got scolded sweat...) Hehehe...but lucky i'm driving so can escape from tonnes of nags from grandma for bringin my kitty to school n_^ Cover my kitty with my jacket n the security guards did not notice at all (coz they oso look blur blur) Blek...later bring Momo-chan out to get our Gundam n oso Gashapon Yea~

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