Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Little Sebastian Michealis n_n

Today we went to MomoToys which is currently situated at tHe Spring ground floor and I brought my Sebastian along to take some pictures since this is where he's from before he was sold to me ^_^ Besides according to my fren, MomoToys is gonna move soon by 19 August to the 2nd floor o_o but larger space for them to put their stocks n_n

--MomoToys namecards--

Nendoroid Sebastian's twins *w* Those who wanna buy Sebastian better grab it fast for there are only 3 Sebastians are in-stock at MomoToys =_="'

Actually only today that I have some time to open up my Sebastian to snap some pictures of him *o*

Got into some problem when i realised that there is a piece of plastic in between the upper body and torso O_O'''

Lucky my hubby manage to get that piece of plastic out and not damaging it...phew~
I just wonder why on earth do they wanna put a piece of plastic in between and it makes it hard to remove that piece of plastic for it becomes too fit and we took off the head and legs before we remove the plastic =_='''

"The place I was sold off to my new owner, TeddyTales"

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