Thursday, August 27, 2009

--Blood Donating--

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Today I was actually gonna donate my blood for the very first time for the blood donating activity is held at our university's auditorium and usually, I have numerous of problem when it comes to blood donating such as:

-- It happens to be the time of the month...

-- Transportation problem

-- No support from my parents =_='''

-- And dry skin...they said that my blood will have higher antibody which is not good...

-- Sick...

-- Taken medication

Once again...I have failed to donate my blood due to dry skin which I have informed the officer in-charge... At least I got to know something new ^_^

One of the interesting thing is people with mental illness are not allowed to donate their blood for according to the officer, mental illness people tend to have lesser oxygen in their blood and furthermore, it is harder to control them if they suddenly berserk during the process of donating their blood O_O

Though it may be disappointing for not being able to donate blood but thinking from another angle, at least I won't kill person who needs blood n_n The main reason that we want to donate our blood is to help and save people but not harm them...

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