Thursday, August 20, 2009

--Pullip Kuroshitsuji--

Recently I'm quite fond of Kuroshitsuji these days and I found out from TOMOPOP that Jun Planning has released 3 characters which are Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michealis and Greil ♥_♥ Especially Greil, his my favorite character in Kuroshitsuji and I love it especially when he's with Sebastian
Let's check out Jun Planning's Pullip Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel fully dressed up in his outdoor wear and a cute top hat along with his "short cane"

Ciel's eye patch can be detach from Ciel's head and his pentagram eye is revealed *w* Even the blouse for Ciel is sew with laces ^_^ I just love his little shoes =_=

Sebastian Michealis' clothes is made very detail *w*
Especially the badge part~

Cool Sebastian in cook costume ^^

Next is my favorite character which is Greil *o*

But this Greil looks rather innocent and cute =_=
Unlike the one in the anime/manga ^^ I love the way he call Sebastian, Sebby~

For me, I would prefer the anime/manga version with the sharp teeth and a chainsaw *w*
Though so, I would say the costume is made quite detail ^_^

All images taken from Tomopop

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Anonymous said...

^w^ hi there. :) cute Kuroshitsuji dolls <3 Could you tell me what song is that in the background? ^w^ pretty please. :)

thanks :)

Love Fishes