Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Semester...

This is my second week for my new semester and all the assignments are pouring on my desk while my lecturers are starting squeeze in new stuff into my head... =_=''' Before I proceed on with my week 3...I steal some time to hang out with my friends ^_^

I blog a little today on my shopping at Tai Kiong, tHe Spring~
They are Pocky and Collon in ichigo flavor ^^
I love ichigo Pocky but recently at Tai Kiong, they do not bring in the ones from Japan anymore but they got the ones from Thailand =_=

The one on the left is the one imported from Japan and the one on the right is the one from Thailand ^^
For me, personally, I would prefer the one from Japan for the packaging is lovely~ Asides from that, it is not as sweet as the one from Thailand but just right for me ^^
Actually, I am not really a fan of strawberry flavor but Onineko had got me to try this wonderful strawberry flavored Pocky and I start to buy Strawberry flavor Pocky everytime I go to tHe Spring I just hope that they will bring in the strawberry flavored Pocky from Japan

I'll blog when I get the chance to do so x_n

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