Monday, August 10, 2009

D.I.Y. Mini Lovely Baby Shop

--Shop Front--

--The Interior of the shop--

While browsing around at Kuching Fest last Saturday, I found this lovely DIY Mini Lovely Baby Shop sold by one of the stalls there ^^
Personally I love DIY stuff (provided I have enough time to DIY the item) and the salesgirl told me that everything that you see in the picture is included and I was even more interested in it *w*

When I reach home, I unwrapped it and sweaaat... a monkey intruction manual?? Cute though ^^

The first thing I thought of is that "something is not quite right here =_=
and ZOMG every single furniture inside needs to built from scratch x____x'''
Great~ they have included a bottle of wood glue and so, I started the DIY...

The very 1st part that I have joined together with the provided wood glue took me half an hour before it could dried out properly =__=

So I gave up doing it and kept for the next holiday to come so that I would have more time to spend doing it n_n


KuroZeroWing said...

I like D.I.Y too. But my head will be lopped off if I were to buy more models. I want to buy a ship model.

TeddyTales said...

Hahaha, if you are interested in ship model can ask Melvin Ngumbang where to get one ^^
I actually wanted to get a military aircraft by the name TomCat but it requires a lot of airbrush work...the assemble part is very simple n_n Maybe need more consideration before I buy it since I still have a few more unassembled Gunpla =_='''

babydino said...

me like the DIY shop, where u get it? ><

TeddyTales said...

At Kuching Fest but I gues you can get from Hock Lee Center's Cute Cute Shop coz they are the one selling at Kuching Fest ^^

babydino said...


Love Fishes