Tuesday, August 4, 2009

♥♥♥ My Chibi Sebastian Michaelis ♥♥♥

♥_♥ Nyaa...
♥_♥ I found Sebastian Michaelis in Nendoroid version ♥_♥
Yesterday while browsing at my friend's post on Comic Fiesta Forum, I spotted a similar figure and it was Chibi Sebastian Michaelis in Nendoroid form
The Nendoroid that I've mentioned in my "My Current Hunt" post around 2 weeks ago and now my friend has actually brought in 4 boxes of Sebastian Michaelis's Nendoroid *w*
I reserved one from my friend through MSN before anyone gets all of them O_O"'

So, today as promised, I went to the place he's working at to grab one Chibi Sebastian Michaelis back home hehe...

♥_♥ Here are some snapshots of my cute little Sebastian Michaelis inside the box ♥_♥

The corner of the box is a little bit dented but this is much better compared to the other three on the shelve -_-"'
The poses that our Sebastian Michealis can do in his Nendoroid form

I'll post more poses and action of my Nendoroid Sebastian Michealis
♥ Stay updated to find out

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