Friday, August 7, 2009

Sylvanian Families: Wedding Chapel

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Remember 3 days back, I have bought a Nendoroid Sebastian Michealis... I wanted to either make or buy some backdrop for him and I found a specially made for Nendoroid's Play Set for Japanese Life from which cost RM150 for the whole set (It is a seperate set of Part A and B). Even though it's especially for Nendoroids but the backdrop did not fully fit for being Sebastian's backdrop which is describe to be living in Victorian era... =_="'

While browsing around at tHe Spring few days back, I have spotted a lovely children's play chapel at Poppies, a shop where they sell varieties of childrens' toys, food, clothing, shoes and furnitures ^^

The thing is I wasn't sure if the size is too big or too small for my little Sebastian to be used as backdrop... So I decided to bring along Sebastian to measure if it's right for him and to my suprise, it's as though it was custom made for a Nendoroid size *o* Nyaaa~

The original price was RM169.90 but after discount given, it cost me only RM129.90 which much cheaper than the Nendoroid's original play set *w* The wedding capel set is under the series Wedding Bells in Sylvania of the Sylvanian Families Collection which is distruted by Flair Leisure Products, UK ^^

The whole set comes with the wedding chapel itself, the bride and groom and its furniture which are the organ, bench, a quill, decorations, bell and a pulpit along with the wedding song note and a wedding declaration note *u*

The chapel comes with separated parts whereby you'll need to fix in the top and the stairs o_n

The available building and other available furnitures

Families in Sylvania

I've took some pictures of my Sebastian in the chapel as well ^^

"Welcome, Today I'll be the witness for today's wedding ceremony"

"Ahem...Do you Alex Periwinkle accept Kate Periwinkle as your loving wife?

"Yes, I do"

"And do you Kate Periwinkle accept Alex Periwinkle as your loving husband?"

"I do"

"Now I declare both of you husband and wife and now you may kiss"

After the wedding ceremony

"Care for some tea after the wedding ceremony?"



KuroZeroWing said...

The devil playing as a priest...

TeddyTales said...

Hahaha...actually i want to post the caption to be like "Welcome to the dark wedding.." but the bunny couples does not suit the caption =_='''

TeddyTales said...

I mean those 2 lovely couples are too innocent to be given a dark wedding x__x'''

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