Friday, July 24, 2009

My Current Hunt

Image taken from GoodSmile Official Site

Today's random post would be my list of current hunts that I'm hunting online ^^ or another words they are my wishlist items that I'm looking for >_n Here we go~

- Kuroshitsuji fanbook (found it at Comic Fiesta and waiting for my friend to COD for me)
- Kuroshitsuji pocket watch (Getting it next month)
- Kuroshitsuji - Michaelis Sebastian Nendoroid (asking help from my friend to hunt for me)
- Re-Ment - Dearly Uttorisweet (looking for friends to ship with me from XL-Shop)
- Re-Ment - Princess Tea Party (asking help from my friend to hunt for me)
- Cosplay costume (still considering which to buy)

Looks like half of my wishlist are Kuroshitsuji stuff >_<"" owee...I found the fanbook for Kuroshitsuji which was sold at Daicon and one of the seller is selling it but the problem is she can't post it out and my friend who agrees to help me COD (Cash On Delivery) is currently busy and I can't contact her yet while other buyers are going for the fanbook as well...sweats... Don't wanna talk about it anymore... Recently I'm quite into Kuroshitsuji stuff and few days back...I actually feel like cosplaying as Grel (the dark side one with the chainsaw) Found this wallpaper through Yahoo Image search back last week >_n hehe...somehow I think my looks does not match cosplaying as Grel ^_^"

Image taken from

Eventually I was attracted to this costume which actually comes from the anime Code Gaess's Princess Euphemia li Britannia's special edition wedding dress >_<" Image taken from

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