Friday, July 31, 2009

COSvention (Part 1: Early morning preparation)

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COSvention 09' is organized by Boulevard Shopping Mall from 25th July to 2nd August which will be held in shopping mall's hall According to SAMS official site, there will be Cosplay Competition from 25th to 26th July while on the 1st to 2nd August, there will be a Skit Competition For those who are interested to join in the fun please do refer to SAMS

Okey, that is a short summary of the COSvention event is all about
Now I have to move on with my blog... I'll start with the early morning preparation that we had that very morning during the COSvention event

While everyone is as busy as a bee, I walk around taking pictures with my dad ^^"

WonderToys arranging some of their toys and have their final touch before more customers coming in n_n

Toy Zone is all prepared!!

For SAMS, everyone is arranging and setting up their PVCs as well as their assembled model kit and as for me, I did not bring much accept my 1/4 scale Haro from the OO series ^^
Thanks to Ngumbang who brought my assembled Shin Musha and Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode model kit to the COSvention ^_^ Hehe...that's why I got some time to take pictures *w*

Ngumbang and his beloved PVC girl ^_^

Al Azif from Demonbane which belongs to Ryu~

Mei Feng Liu

The Clown from the Digi booth has started to entertain the kids ^_^ I spotted one of them holding a balloon made umbrella but I'm too old to ask the clown to make another for me X///X

Almost ready~

--PVC section--

--Artbook, manga and merchandise section--

Preparing to assemble the Gundam Model Kits ^v^


Putting our banner up but not suit to be hung on the side of the table and hence, we hung it up on the partition wall at the back o_n

Our storage area n_n

Our sign stand *_*

Aristocrat Lolita, Kuro Lolita and Kuro Neko *w*

Finally our lunch ^_^ Every each of us is given a RM5 coupon by the Boulevard Shopping Mall and I just added RM3.50 to get a complete set of lunch with drinks and butter prawn rice *u*

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