Friday, July 24, 2009

Preparation for the COSvention Event Tomorrow

Our Swinburne Anime and Mange Society (SAMS) have been invited to Boulevard for the COSvention event which is held tomorrow until 2nd of August >_<" Haha...last minute preparation for myself for I'm just there to have some fun wearing my Lolita costume ^^ Check out some of my preparation >_n

Gonna bring some Re-Ments and my Haro-chan for display at the COSvention~ For the cake spoon and fork, they are for posing use when taking pictures tomorrow ^^

These are some of the stuff that I need to have it in my little house bag for tomorrow's use >_n Hehehe...the only thing that is not in the picture is my camera which I was using to take this picture ^^

The cute little pink ribbon is to mark my little house bag just in case anyone got the same bag and got mix up later at the COSvention >_<"


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