Friday, July 31, 2009

COSvention (Part 3: Picture Posing)

After stopping at Famous Amos, we decided to take some time to pose around for pictures and tour around to take some more pictures

Man-in-Black vs Aristocrat

Lolita in action~

Be careful if you don't wanna be slash into pieces ^_^"

-- Happy Killing Spree --

"No one messes with my master!"

"I slash you with my sword if you touch Baby Dino!"

"Let's fight together!"

"Umm...what's the plan again?"


Loli assassins

"Don't you dare mess with us!"

Taking a rest after posing for pictures phew~~

Popping out from the flowers to pose for pictures again

A nice place as well but they do not allow pictures in their shop so we took it outside the shop ^^
Crocodile huggie


KuroZeroWing said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Anyway, I had a lot of fun on that day and hahahahaha! Yes, I am an aristocrat lolita. Let's link blogs. Here's my blog:

I'll add yours to mine too. Next time, if there's an event like that, let's pose and take more pictures!

TeddyTales said...

Added ya >_n
Thanks for the comment~

Love Fishes