Monday, July 27, 2009

--Pink Parasol--

While waiting for my dad to finish his weekend shopping, I browse around and found some lacey and Lolita-look-alike parasol *w* nya...
Some are foldable ones with simple polka-dot prints and some have heart shaped prints while the unfoldable ones are normally plain designs and yet, they cost only from RM24-RM30 ^_^ I went opening the foldable ones to look at the style n_^
After awhile browsing, the salesgirl walk to me and stopped me from opening more umbrellas O.O

I ignored her and continue have my sweet time browsing and I finally I make my decision to buy the pink one for it has a longer handle than the foldable ones and when it is opened up, it actually looks like the parasols that a seller is selling on her blogspot but hers has laces and mine are plain ^_n Therefore, I've got some plans of decorating my look-alike parasol with some ribbons or laces to make it look lovely *w*

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