Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second-hand Children Kimono

My COSvention event blog is still a long way to go for there are like a hundred plus pictures that I've taken during the event as well as my personal Lolita outing ~_~ So instead of leaving my blog empty, I've choose to blog something else ^^

Today I'm gonna blog on my newly bought second-hand children kimono from Yamatoku cLassic at ebay.com with help from Ian to place the last 3 minute bids ~o~ There is like 3 bids on the kimono before me which have reached USD$ 8+ and Ian manage to win the bid by USD$ 1+ ^_^

The whole cost only RM102 inclusive of EMS shipping and PayPal fee which came to his place within like days time and he passed it to me during the COSvention at Boulevard n.n The first time that I get to see the second-hand children kimono which is said to be owned in the year 1970 looks so new that it is hard to believe that it is a second-hand O_O

Wow! I show it to my mom as well as my friends during the COSvention and they all said it looks new ^u^ Just that a little too big for little Isa-chan n_n"
I learn from Onineko that a real kimono from Japan could not be kept by a family more than 99 years for after a hundred years old, it is said that the kimono will somewhat come to live O_O" When I was listening like half way through from Onineko...I almost wanna throw away the kimono but luckily Onineko quickly finish off by telling me that different ownership will prevent the kimono from coming back to live ~,~ phew~ I was imagining that the kimono will fly around the room in the middle of the night or something "white" coming out from there X_X

These are some of the parts that are said to be dirty:

The back upper part of the kimono

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