Friday, July 31, 2009

COSvention (Part 2: Stopping at Famous Amos)

After lunch, some went back to take care of the booth, some still having their late lunch while me, hubby dear and BabyDino when to Famous Amos to snap some pictures I just love the classical ambience that they have made for their shop The wonderful thing is that the shop manager actually gave me permission to take pictures around the shop *w* Nyaaa~ Let's check it out~

It reminds me the first time when I first entered Famous Amos (Kuching, Airport) which was during my primary years when my grandma was departing to Beijing, China ^_^
I remembered I was in Primary 3 that year and I love the smell of the fresh made hand-made cookies and I always remember how happy I was when my mom bought me a box of cookies
Now I can enjoy it at Boulevard Shopping Mall ^_^ Yeaa

A warm place to be at

I just love how they have decorated their shop with all those antique-looking decorations

A cute little classic looking cookie box car *w* Might wanna buy it if I go to Famous Amos again

Borrowed the cute lolipop for picture posing

This is a flower-shape-wrap-up Ferrero Rocher

The manager handed me the bouquet of Teddy hugging a box of choc to snapshot with

Red Usagi borrowed from a friend~ Kawaaiii

A big lolipop balloon ^_^

According to the shop manager, this place has being used to take wonderful memory pictures and some wedding couples used this place as a backdrop as well
For me it's a place which brings classical childhood memories and a great place to have some Lolita outing

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