Friday, July 31, 2009

COSvention (Part 4: Tea Break)

After we have taken several pictures around, we finally stopped by a tea break at our provided space for our staff -_- Hubby dear bought to piece of choc cake from Famous Amos for both of us to enjoy for tea break yummm~ I manage to steal some snapshots during tea break ^^


Cake Ring

After our finishing our cakes, we got up on our feet to snapshots again *w*

Lacus Clyne actually have black hair O__O"

Kuro Lolita vs Kuro...guy??

My Oniiisan~

Kuro Loli going for baseball play ^^

Yakuza x__X

ummm...yakuza Loli???

aaa...Oniiisan took my cappp!!!!

Lost Russian Princess, BabyDino and me~

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