Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Re-ment Princess Tea Party

Today I found this amazing tea set from the manufacturer name Re-Ment ♪ They are wonderful little tea sets which has been released last year ♪ I just love the details that Re-Ment they have made for their miniature sets and let's check out these lovely little Princess Tea Party Set ♪♪Image taken from taken from Re-Ment Official Site

This one especially is my favorite piece in the set is this one No. 1 Crown Motif Tea Set like in the description, when it's closed, it looks like a little doll's castle while inside, it hide a treasure of miniature tea party sets ♪ I bet most of those who are into Lolita like myself would love to own one for themselves ♪♪ Don't you?

Image taken from Re-Ment Official Site

No. 5 A Rocking Horse Cutlery Stand is another one of my favorite and look at the mini rocking horse ♪ At first I thought it was a little bird cage or a pink canopy but when I click on the real picture..."wow" ♪ It's a cutlery stand that looks like a bird cage with a mini antique looking rocking horse which is usually seen in victorian art ♪♪

Image taken from Re-Ment Official Site

Love to have some late night tea by the balcony while enjoy looking at the night view and a touch of candles' light along with a cup of nice black tea in such wonderful tea set?
Well, I sure do ♪♪
No. 2 The Princess's Late Night Tea gives an imagination of how wonderful the life of a princess would live. Just like a fairy tale story ♪ It feels so elegant and luxury to be served in these pieces...even they can be serve but it's great to be decorated in a doll's house ♪

Image taken from Re-Ment Official Site

Check this out ♪ Re-Ment have done a great combination for the Princess Tea Party Set and collectors can enjoy matching these wonderful sets together to create a different tea party set whereby some can be create like a garden tea party like the first picture on the left side as well as a night tea party like the picture on the right side ♪♪ Try mix and match them and you'll find more joy of collecting them ♪♪

Though this set is still under backordered status but it doesn't stop me from hunting for these wonderful tea set ♪♪ I have got some friends to help me with my tea party set hunting ^^ Even if I don't have the complete set but at least half of the set would satisfy me ♪♪

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