Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When out together ^o^

Current Status : Blogging in the Open Lab after out with my friends

Hehehe...went out with my friends today for the purpose to laminate our club notice board at Gary-chan's uncle's shop (which we'll have to pick up either in late noon or tomorrow)
After leaving our stuff to laminate,
it's time for our noon feast which we have it at Fang Yuen; a chicken rice shop (my favourite place to eat chicken rice ^w^yummy~)
After lunch,
we went to Hock Lee Centre *o* while my friends went to play at the arcade, me and my hubby dear went off ourselves

found a bunch of cute fluffy teddy bears

Wow~ Teddy Paradise

Found a Rirakuma while looking around at the soft toys
*Unfortunately could not snap a lot coz the employee stop us when her employer did not
(Stingy Meanie)

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