Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ryuk has arrived...OMOSHIRO...

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Yea~ finally my cute Ryuk-tan has arrived (actually has arrived yesterday but Ian-chan forgotten to bring it to me) quite fast coz i paid and Ian-chan ordered it last Tuesday and it arrived in a week time ^w^ This nendoroid Ryuk is actually my first PVC figure for i'm not really a PVC figure collector *expensive* (chibi figure is much preferable than the full figure)

the package

Ian-chan helped me ordered my Ryuk-tan

my Ryuk-tan in the box

Taking it out from the box

Ryuk-tan eating apple

*All pictures taken on my bed at night

p/s: Nvm different people have different taste (some may spent thousands for a figure as long as they feel it's worth it)

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