Monday, August 6, 2007

Kuching Day City Parade 07'

Hehehe....well guess I'm the last one to blog this topic (coz lazy + it's a common topic for my blogger frens to blog) I'll summarize the whole process me n my hubby dear gone through to create our costume n oso practice before our real performance n_n

The word 'cosplay' already emphasize that the costume is the most important subject in this whole matter n of course it is bound to be 'costly' n_nlll
*material survey - Ouch! My feeet hurts walking around town surveying for the cheapest price they can offer for the same material
*a hole in the pocket after buying my materials - no figurines or Gundam model kits for the time being
*no experience in making my own costume (i mean sewing a costume) - the only option is looking for tailors who can sew it in time for our performance
*Tadaa...newly made costume finishes in time
*new hole in the pocket appears - this time ask for sponsor for the tailoring

The fun part would be the time when rehearsal n_n
*mistakes happened but luckily our Organizing Chairman is patients to us (sorry~)
*get to dance together with friends (serious time)
*practice makes perfect - perform better after times of practice

The full rehearsal
*first time to join this kind of event (excited)
*while walking on the street....not so fun anymore (coz ours legs are calling for help)
*half the journey.....taskete! my hip hurts coz of standing too long n oso walking @_@lll
*end of journey.....even sleeping on the hard floor feels good n_nlll
*reach home - I love my home (it's the best place on earth)

Real performance...
*Yea~Finally the day has come to see everyone in full costume
*can play with some of my friends hair n face
*can take pictures with all my friends in costumes
*can make viewers happy to see us n_n
*battery low....tired...painful....sleepy....quite enjoyin....happy...
*i love the bus' back place like the bus....

me n my hubby dear

our group of cosplayers

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