Friday, August 10, 2007

Our Gundam Seed character personality test

This week is the 1st week of my degree in Multimedia Marketing 1st year n_o so very free~ Only have 1 assignment has been given out which from Designm for Multimedia and also 1 set of tutorial question which requires us to use TI-83 to calculate through out all the question but...don have a TI-83 so can't do it...while browsing the internet for some anime wallpaper to put on the laptop destop, came across this site; the n did the personality test with my hubby dear in "What Gundam SEED character are you?" Came out to be...

Mine is similar to Lacus' personality (sweat...) whereas my hubby dear got....

...Diaka least both are my favourite character in Gundam Seed (at least not Frey...) n_nlll

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