Monday, August 13, 2007

Garfield ^o*

Today brought Garfield to the vet for it's been a week++ since we brought him home and also get medication for his diarrhea since yesterday noon

got shock being ambush by a camera n_nlll

tired of diarrhea (but today the vet opens til noon n_nll)

Today: after visiting the vet (in the car on da way home)

Sugoi~ after taking medicine (sleeping on the bed)


Pets are our best friend indeed but when death visits them it's the sades time for we'll miss them dearly when they are not around ...Today my friend told me that her pet kitty just pass away...I dont have any comforting words to tell her for I understand how sad she is and all comforting words wont heal her sadness...but when our pets is still alive treating them like our family member for they are not just an animal but also our friend and that we wont regret when they are not around...


videl said...

Garfield is such a cutie!

Anyway, thank you. :)

p/s: can you tell me which yukata you wanted again? i got confused with the designs.

TeddyTales said...

It's Japanese summer Kimono Yukata hanhaba obi, geta yabane
Item number: 320140772266

p/s:let me know how much i've to pay

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