Friday, August 3, 2007

My childhood play

walking to the nearest shop selling candies with my hubby dear, thinking of what to buy to eat at his shop...a childhood play 'toy' is spotted in the square box *o* wow! they stil sell 'it'! Wel some may have played when they are kids but some may not n_n
I don noe what it is call but the name on the seal is 'Blowing balloon' n_n

comes out to be a something like a plastic balloon

blown specially by my hubby dear Kawaii~

a tiny 1 blown at the last drop
*looks like a contact lens with a drop of blood

me playing in in the office
can't find the transparent balloons O.o

there they are

transparent 'Haro' blek... xp

my transparent 'Haro' floating in the air

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