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SPCA means Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This is actually a place that i admire and respect them for they are really put an effort in protecting these poor animals (which some are abandoned by their owners *cruel*)

Love needs no Pedigree

It is true that choosing ur pet partner does not need to be a pedigree ones for they are all the same (except they are differentiated from pedigree and non-pedigree) From my experience of adopting my pet partners (they are all adopted from the SPCA from Sarawak known as SSPCA) Well to tell the truth they really made a great partner and surprisingly I find some animals in the SPCA are pedigree (like those expensive ones from the pet shops) Sometimes, I really wonder why they are abandoned...they are our pet partners ones and how could some owners have the heart to leave them out in the freezing road when rain comes or being hungry wondering on the road...I mean when my kitty got lost when I just move to my new home, (found it in the end *happened in year 2001*) I was worried sick of all those factors that they might face when they are out in the strangers for they are like my little siblings though it might sound crazy but when you love them you'll feel that way...

This is from the SPCA from Ampang, Selangor

pretty little Siamese kitty

A fat and cute cat with a beautiful coat

and to tell the truth the SPCA is a charitable organization which attempts to protect these poor animals with the hope that someone who's seeking for their pet partners could take good care of them and treat them as friend partners n_n


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